Natural hair has turned me into a ‘self portrait’ nut job.

And might I add that I use the term ‘self portrait’ very lightly seriously,lol. But I know I’m not the only one taking picture after picture after picture of their natural hair, cos we know we look fly, hahaa :) So what’s a mama to do when bedtime has been conquered and the house is nice and quite? Fold laundry, unload dishwasher, pick up trail of toys - uhhh, nope, not even close! Mama needs some me time, and that means, picking out this old twist out to see if I can give Angela Davis’ fro a run for her money; and taking pictures of course.

So here they are:

Lawd, if I don't look like my mama here,smh,lol.

Lawd, if I don’t look like my mama here,smh,lol.

fro sideThen I remembered my MAC Ruby Woo :) So I applied that and started feeling all kinds of fly:



And then I broke my pick,yea, don’t ask.

broken afro pick


Very proud of my afro, this will be one of my ‘go to’ styles this summer if it doesn’t become a bastion of fairy knots, and I’ll keep the ‘self portraits’ coming :)


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‘The Door’ By Ava DuVernay

In honour of Black History month pure awesomeness, I wanted to post this beautiful short film by Ava DuVernay- one of the most brilliant movie directors /first black woman to win best director award at Sundance, that’s right, y’all better recognize- all three of you who read my blog, lol. Shot for Miu Miu, it depicts the beauty, that is friendship. Miu Miu has a special place in my heart because the only designer shoes I own are a pair of really simple yet cute black Mui Mui pumps.

Now about this video, ok first of, I love it love it love it! just had to get that out first,lol.. Simply put, this film is very beautifully shot and it’s artistic nature is so in sync with the story line because, it’s a beautiful story. It’s about friendship; all these women come together to help their friend get through a difficult time by being there for her until she finally ventures back out on her own again. They manage to pull this off all the while donning one fabulous Mui Mui outfit after another- I hope they got to keep the clothes.

I’m really glad she chose those actresses and Goapele was a nice surprise as well. I love the song she performs, can’t believe youtube doesn’t have a video of it somewhere. The actresses are all amazing, if you haven’t seen Pariah, you need to check it out stat! Adepero Oduye is amazing in it and I really hope her career explodes. I love her look in this video, her hair and make up was so beautifully done, and she walks towards the camera like ‘I own this joint!’.

Why Gabrielle Union isn’t one of the leading actresses in Hollywood, I’ll never understand.

Emayatzy E. Corinealdi is just so beautiful to look at, you seriously can’t take your eyes off her, and I love her sort of mowhawk hair style, she looks so cute. If you haven’t seen ‘Middle of Nowhere,’ well what are you waiting for? Seeing Goapele acting was really cool and am I the only one who thinks she looks like Ryan Gosling’s girlfriend- the hispanic actress who’s name I can’t seem to remember but at the moment too lazy to google.

Anyway, then there is the phenomenal Alfre Woodard- yea, no.need.for.words

With that being said, do you think if I start sending Ava D. a bunch of ‘put me in your movie(s)’ letters and e-mails, she’d consider it or see me more as ‘stalkerish?’ :)

Enjoy this marvelous piece of art:

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Step by Step-moving on with your natural hair journey.

Here’s an example of one of the many silly conversations my husband and I have from time to time- this sort of gave me the topic/idea for this blog post. First of all, check out Exhibit A below- the infamous linsertorte-a popular German cake- Andre’s grandma makes the best version in all of Germany-trust! Oh, and she’s given me the recipe :P

Me: I’m about to make a yummy green smoothie, would you like some?

Andre: Not if you’re going to put veggies in it.

Me: It’ll be so good, trust me, I’m mixing bananas, apple, some agave syrup, spinach and celery.

Andre: *guttural ‘ugh’ sound*

Me: It’ll be so yummy, why don’t you taste a little bit to see if you’ll like it.

Andre: well… I guess- nahh, ok, maybe a little- nahh, blechhh!!

Me: fine, you’ll regret it when 10 years from now, I’m looking all young and healthy and vibrant and energetic and you’re all-

Andre: My dear, I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not going to happen if you’re juicing and still eating a whole linsertorte all by yourself.

Me: Hey, don’t judge me, I’m doing this step by step ok? 

Exhibit A: This linsertorte is not meant to be resisted. Awesome family recipe which Oma Ella has given to me btw.

Exhibit A: This linsertorte is not meant to be resisted.

He just laughed at me y’all. We’ll see who’ll be having the last laugh 10 yrs. from now.

But anyway, the reason why ‘Step by step’ (and not just the song) got stuck in my head is because I receive messages via the blog and facebook, from ladies who want to go natural, but are unsure of themselves, and are feeling overwhelmed with all the info, youtube videos, facebook pages and blogs. They see so many fabulousness :) with the natural hair ‘movement’ – this is for lack of a better word btw- but it’s a lot to be bombarded with. From products, to styles, to techniques, to terminologies and acronyms etc etc. It can be a lot and I understand that. And that’s when the ‘I want to go natural but I don’t know what to do’ comes in. Don’t forget, learning all this ‘natural hair care stuff’  takes time, so be patient and take this journey step by step.

So- stop, take a deep breath and relax. Obviously, you won’t learn everything overnight, not unless you’re this guy, and even he had some pharmaceutical help. Cool concept for a movie btw, not that well executed, but still entertaining and Bradley Cooper was great in it.

But I digress, with all that being said:

1. You do have to research- a bit,lol. You don’t want to be like me, who needed about 3 tries before finally sticking to her natural hair journey. I know, it’s a shame, but it really was due to a lack of info. Thankfully, during the final round, I immersed myself in curlynikki and watched a few videos here and there but not enough to go all crazy-cos those youtube videos are addictive. I always suggest starting with a website like curlynikki because she has a bunch of blog posts on starting a natural hair journey, or putting together a regimen that I find really beneficial. There’s a lot of great info on there and she’s also quite funny. Her comment section is great, you learn a lot from other naturals who are happy to share tips that work for them. A great youtube source for me (esp. as a beginner) was Kimmaytube, she has lots of good hair advice as well, she’s someone I consider to be an awesome teacher and her hair growth is just wow. For style inspiration check out Napptural85 and Simplyounique. They all have fabulous hair now, but they also have their ‘back in the day’ videos on there,lol, and those are really inspiring as well.

2. Next, try to keep it simple. It’s important to build a regimen so that you have a plan to stick to in order to ‘get you in the groove’ of things, but keep it simple- again, you don’t want to be over whelmed. The basic steps here should be: cleanse,condition, moisturize/seal and style. Keep in mind that every step in the hair care regimen should add or maintain the hair’s bff aka MOISTURE. So start by chucking all those hair products that contain alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, and sulfates. They dry out the hair or prevent it from absorbing moisture, and are bad for your health so get rid of them now.

3. Speaking of hair products, take an interest in the ingredient listings on your hair products, it might seem like a pain in the beginning, but after you’ve gotten over the horrible flashbacks from chemistry class (or was it just me? ok then) you’ll love knowing what those crazy words on the jars and bottles mean. This helps a great deal in picking out products. You don’t want to waste money on just any product that looks or smells good or claims to be nothing short of ‘fantasticalness’ when it’s just a piece of crap with strawberry flavour.

4. Big Chop(BC) or Transition. For ladies with chemically straightened hair, that is for you to decide, they both have their pros and cons. I was not a good transitioner because I used heat to blend in the two textures one too many times and I will not suggest it. Finally cutting off my hair after a year of transitioning was such a huge relief, even though I hadn’t had the guts before to chop off my hair into a teeny weenie afro (TWA).

5. Love your OWN hair. It’s great to admire other people’s hair, because let’s face it, natural hair is beautiful and so versatile, but no matter what your curl pattern is, it’s yours and yours to cherish. Yes Tracee Ellis Ross’ big curls are beautiful, but so are yours, no matter how it looks like, so love them, because that’s what ‘going natural’ is all about. We all have beautiful hair, from Tracee, to Kimmaytube, to Taren916 to Ani to me-hahaa :) Different heads of hair and they’re all beautiful. Join me in saying it loud and proud- I love my hair:


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Weekend Hair update. (English post)

Ok, so I’ve been slacking big time when it comes to my hair, the girls’ hair and blogging about hair. I need to trim again because I have lots of fairy or single strand knots (ssk), I need a hot oil treatment, I need to do a henna treatment, I need, I need, I need, oh, and I’m having post-partum hair shedding- yayyy, fun times,lol. Besides a quick co-wash and then twisting to keep the ssk under control, I haven’t been doing much with my hair.

Three kids under 5 years old is no joke- and we get help from the in-laws, so don’t know what I’d do without them. I also think I’m starting to get a teeny bit bored with hair- blame it on the Gemini in me. But the boredom probably comes from the fact that I’m not really doing much with my hair, the thought of starting to do something and most likely having to stop mid way through to attend to Noah keeps me from getting too excited about my hair . I get easily distracted-badly- and so the worst thing to happen to me when I feel all ‘gung-ho’ about something is to get distracted by some outside force.

Anyway, whenever I feel this way, I get this strong urge to cut my hair into something cute and funky, and to have less hair to deal with, but then i have to consider that when the novelty of the cute and funkiness wears off, I’d want longer hair instantly. This haircut and colour however, has me frothing at the mouth-want want want.

Ok, so the girls have been doing lots of sleep-overs at their Oma and Opa’s place lately, because hubby has to leave town quite a bit for work, so this helps me get a lot of one-on-one time with my little buddha:

As a result, their hair always looks a tore up mess, and Maya who still keeps taking her hair down, has some raggedy ends, so this weekend, I co-washed their hair with ‘Yes to Carrots‘ conditioner. Love it, works well and smells so good. Hair washing on the other hand resulted in lots of protesting and tears, because they didn’t want to get their hair done- wth? I didn’t feel like doing their hair either, but I wasn’t crying about it, lol. I set about to giving Maya a trim which worked out fine with painting as a distraction:

but not for Ella, I couldn’t be bothered to chase her around, so I might do it next week. We had been invited over to dinner at the in-laws’ so we bundled up and I decided to finish up their hair over there.

They did allow me to braid their hair though, which was a nice surprise- after changing into princess costumes of course.

Still not good at corn rows, but I managed to do 3.

M's box braids pulled into a ponytail at her request.

I’m hoping the hair will last for the week because I’m not touching them until next Saturday, which is Ella’s 3rd birthday.

For my hair, I tackled it on Saturday while Noah thankfully took a long nap. I mixed some Tresseme Naturals with a bit of wheatgerm oil, applied it to my hair and donned my heating cap. After half an hour, I poured (Victoria’s secret so sexy) shampoo  - it has SLS in it, *gasp* but it smells divine, I know, I’m an embarassment, but I digress- I poured it into a colour applicator bottle, added water, and applied the mixture directly to my scalp.  I massaged my scalp and then rinsed my whole head. Afterwards, I did an apple cider vinegar rinse which I hadn’t done in a long time. Afterwards, the thought of twisting my hair made me want to reach for hair clippers, heheh:

zero motivation to go further than washing.

So what did I decide to do? threading (or banding as some might call it) I decided to try this to stretch my hair to see if it’ll help with the SSK. I mixed Kinky Curly Knot Today with aloe vera juice and some wheatgerm/olive oil mixture and used that as my moisturizer, then I sealed with whipped shea butter from Adornment

Disclaimer- The next pic is a bit scary,lol.

When I undid them, the hubbs, told me that my hair looked like cotton candy :) The hair was nicely stretched and felt ok in general, but my ends were a bit crispy which I didn’t like.


cotton candy hair

I really liked how stretched it was- kind of like I’d blow dried it. I was going to just leave it this way and just pin it back, but my ends felt so crunchy, so last night, i applied some knot today and made loose twists using the Adornment 365 whipped shea. This morning, I undid the twists, fluffed, and voila:

Shimi & Jimi rocking the 'fro :)

Mac Ruby Woo lipstick- the only red I'll ever do.

Loving the big hair, I wonder if it’ll last for the week. What did you do with your hair this past weekend? Anything special? And what do you do when you get tired of your hair?

Let’s share…

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Happy New Year (English post)

So, another year is upon us, the older I get the faster time flies. Last week, I was just thinking of my boarding school years and how long I thought the semesters were- and they were only 3 freaking months long. It feels like yesterday when I was 17 and all giddy about heading to the U.S as an exchange student, and in the blink of an eye, I’ll be 32 this summer (Geminis stand up!) ok, in 6 months worth of eye blinking, but you get my point. Anyway, this year, I didn’t set up any new year’s resolutions because last year’s was to be punctual (among others) – and well, what had happen was…lol.

So I’m just going to keep it moving this year, no resolutions, hehehe, just try to do things that are good for me and make me happy; enjoy my  family, be helpful to others in any way I can, blog about hair ( I have a ton of stuff in draft) and enjoy my crazy kids- seriously, observing Maya and Ella is like having a psychedelic experience sometimes, and Noah, is just too adorable.

As far as the hair goes, I’m keeping it as simple as possible as Noah takes up all my time- so I just wash, DC, moisturize twist.  No pre-poo, henna treatments, hot oil scalp massages nada. Although I recommend them to you :) I miss giving the hair a treat and will hopefully get back to those in a few more months. What about you? Any new year’s resolutions for your hair or life in general? Let’s share…

Curls curls curls…

love these crazy kids

We were party animals on New Year's eve.

My little buddha.

Btw- for the parents out there, if your NY res. is to work out, this might be helpful :)

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Winter hair regimen.

It is fuh-reezing up in here!!! dammit, I want to be in Ghana right now! I don’t have much time for myself these days because of baby Noah, but I have to take care of the hair so that this wretched weather doesn’t give me any setbacks in the form of breakage. So here’s my winter regimen:

Wash or Co-wash

Deep Condition

Apply ‘modified’ Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in: I mix some KCKT with aloe vera gel and some type of oil and apply that to my hair. Mucho moisture after that, and I love the way my twists turn out with that method.

Apply whipped sheabutter to seal in the moisture- Since butters are thicker than oils, they work better to seal during the winter. Another good alternative is a thick oil like Castor oil, but it just feels too sticky for me which is why I prefer the butters.

Twist hair.

Wear a turban or winter hat about 90% of the time when going out. Sometimes, I leave bangs out, just to get ‘another look.’ I usually wear a satin bonnet underneath so that the wool doesn’t dry out my hair. You can do that, or make your own satin lined winter hat, check out youtube for tutorials, or just buy it from Etsy, – known as Dawanda in Germany.

This was my ‘hat look’ last night as we went to check out the christmas market:


The girls were so excited- christmas is around the corner :)

They each insisted on getting a 'lebkucken'.

Watching the big kids ice skate.

Fun times at the christmas market, I’m getting into the whole christmas mood now; I can’t wait to go pick out a tree with the girls and decorate, bake cookies etc etc.

Ok, back to hair :)

Are you giving your hair any special care during the cold winter months? Let’s share…



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Dealing with the Winter Blues

Ok, so by now, most of you know that I have a passionate dislike for Winter. Six years in Germany, and trust me I’ve tried, but I think I just have to accept that I will never like the chilly weather, rain and gloominess that surrounds us at that time of the year. And why should I, we don’t have to like everything right? But that doesn’t mean, I can’t try to tolerate it, because it’s here- Germany has been a cold country for centuries and it’s not going to change, no matter how many SUVs people drive. Last week was a lot of gloominess, so on Friday, I decided to paint my nails- pink.

Now, let me start by saying, that I’m not a ‘pink’ person’ at all, regardless of the fact that I have a 4 and 2 year old who are really into pink (and lilac/purple). I only own 2 articles of clothing in pink, a t-shirt I mostly sleep in, and a  scarf my cousin gave to me. Due to what pink (which isn’t even a real colour apparently?!) has become in our culture, I became vehemently against it when Maya was born. I’m not going to get into that right now, but like I said, my girls are into the whole pink mania, I tried to fight it for a while but eventually gave in.

Cut to Friday, Ella wanted pink nails, so I had to mix white and red polish which produced a shade of pink that you’d see in the movie ‘Legally Blonde‘ She was so excited by them, that I decided to paint mine too, and I’ll be damned- I kept on stretching my hand out and smiling.

look, it matches my pink t-shirt.


That really lifted my mood. So then I did my make up and felt even more like the hot mama that I am- hahahah. Ok, you get the point, I was surprised that a dash of bright colour really made me perky all of a sudden.  My husband tells me that I have way too much black in my closet, so maybe it’s time to go shopping- bring on the summer colours!

pink nails.

Ok, what are some of the little things that you do for yourself to keep your mood cheery in the gloomy weather. Let’s share…


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Hair Trim

Manchmal muss man einfach los lassen. Mittlerweile ist mein Haar lang genug um ein afro puff zu machen und ich bin sehr stolz- yipiiii, noch ein andere hair style. Dass ist meine lieblings hair style zur Zeit:

Aber momentan merke ich auch dass meine Haarspitzen sich einfach nicht mehr gut fühle- they’re just raggedy!! wenn ich die Haare twiste zum beispiel merke ich dass die letzten 2 inches nicht mehr so schon weich in die den Händen fühlen und obwohl ich die Haare länge sehr mage, kann ich den ‘krispy hair’ nicht mehr ertragen. Auserdem habe ich einbisschen haarbruch auch gemerkt, also, it’s time to let go.

Also habe viele kleinere twists gemacht und dann circa ein ‘inch’ geschnitten. Ich habe gedacht ich warte bis Januar und dann noch ein inch abschneiden, aber ich brauche neu Haarschere ( ich vergesse immer wenn ich unterwegs bin), vielleicht mache ich ein zweite schnitt wenn ich meine Neuen Schere endlich mal habe.

Danach habe ich honeysuckle rose conditioner auf jeden twist geschmiert und einen ganz lang DC gemacht weil ich einfach keine Zeit hatte um irgendwas andere mit den Haare zu machen. Als ich noch Zeit wieder hatte, habe ich es raus gewaschen, und dann habe ich kinky curly knot today gemischt mit aloe vera gel und jamaican black castor oil  auf dem Haare aufgetragen und dann getwistet mit mein whipped sheabutter. Als es 100% trocken war, habe ich meine lieblings twist-out style gemacht- einfach beide seite vom Haare/Kopf, getwistet und dann bis nach hinten mit bobby pins befestigt.


why does my lower face look weird here?

So, wie oft schneidest du dein Haare, hast du angst davon oder bist du ‘scissor happy’ let’s share…


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Natural Hair tip: Patience.

Today, I got featured on ‘African Naturals‘ (a FB community for african naturalistas) and while I was looking at the pictures I’d sent in, I realized how much my hair has grown. I do want long hair but I don’t focus on that. I just try to take good care of my hair, and even though I have my scissor happy moments, I’ve still been able to retain a bit of length. So if you’re getting frustrated  because your hair is short, remember that hair grows on average about half an inch per month, so be patient and show it some love :)

The hedgehog.

This picture here was taken yesterday after Ella took a look at my freshly undone flat twists and asked me if I was a hedgehog- wth?!LOL pray for me y’all.

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Kinky Curly is…

back in stock!! yayyyyy :) Yep, finally, our collective prayers have been answered and the products have arrived. The Curling Custard, Knot Today and the Tiny Twirls Moisturizing Styler are back in stock, so come get them while they last, because y’all know they’ll be gone in the blink of an eye :)


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