Winter hair regimen.

It is fuh-reezing up in here!!! dammit, I want to be in Ghana right now! I don’t have much time for myself these days because of baby Noah, but I have to take care of the hair so that this wretched weather doesn’t give me any setbacks in the form of breakage. So here’s my winter regimen:

Wash or Co-wash

Deep Condition

Apply ‘modified’ Kinky Curly Knot Today leave-in: I mix some KCKT with aloe vera gel and some type of oil and apply that to my hair. Mucho moisture after that, and I love the way my twists turn out with that method.

Apply whipped sheabutter to seal in the moisture- Since butters are thicker than oils, they work better to seal during the winter. Another good alternative is a thick oil like Castor oil, but it just feels too sticky for me which is why I prefer the butters.

Twist hair.

Wear a turban or winter hat about 90% of the time when going out. Sometimes, I leave bangs out, just to get ‘another look.’ I usually wear a satin bonnet underneath so that the wool doesn’t dry out my hair. You can do that, or make your own satin lined winter hat, check out youtube for tutorials, or just buy it from Etsy, – known as Dawanda in Germany.

This was my ‘hat look’ last night as we went to check out the christmas market:


The girls were so excited- christmas is around the corner :)

They each insisted on getting a 'lebkucken'.

Watching the big kids ice skate.

Fun times at the christmas market, I’m getting into the whole christmas mood now; I can’t wait to go pick out a tree with the girls and decorate, bake cookies etc etc.

Ok, back to hair :)

Are you giving your hair any special care during the cold winter months? Let’s share…



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2 Responses to Winter hair regimen.

  1. First let me say I stumbled across your page by accident; but I am so glad that I did because I love your recipe for whipped shea goodness. Merci ! (Thank you) LOL. My husband is from West Africa as well and he even lived in Ghana.He considers it as his sister country to his native home of Benin. I only was using raw shea butter on my skin and it was my husband who suggested to use it in my hair. I found that it was too heavy on my hair in its raw chunky state and with your post I have found the perfect whipped recipe! may I say as well that ….. I enjoyed many of your post and I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. My husband and I have been considering leaving the United States of America to move to Europe or even moving our family to Africa. I am curious to know weather we would have a good life in Europe but you seemed to have eased my mind a bit about that. I am truly looking forward to more of your life and hair post. May you and your family be blessed in the new year and years to come.
    Madame Capo-chichi

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