Weekend Hair update. (English post)

Ok, so I’ve been slacking big time when it comes to my hair, the girls’ hair and blogging about hair. I need to trim again because I have lots of fairy or single strand knots (ssk), I need a hot oil treatment, I need to do a henna treatment, I need, I need, I need, oh, and I’m having post-partum hair shedding- yayyy, fun times,lol. Besides a quick co-wash and then twisting to keep the ssk under control, I haven’t been doing much with my hair.

Three kids under 5 years old is no joke- and we get help from the in-laws, so don’t know what I’d do without them. I also think I’m starting to get a teeny bit bored with hair- blame it on the Gemini in me. But the boredom probably comes from the fact that I’m not really doing much with my hair, the thought of starting to do something and most likely having to stop mid way through to attend to Noah keeps me from getting too excited about my hair . I get easily distracted-badly- and so the worst thing to happen to me when I feel all ‘gung-ho’ about something is to get distracted by some outside force.

Anyway, whenever I feel this way, I get this strong urge to cut my hair into something cute and funky, and to have less hair to deal with, but then i have to consider that when the novelty of the cute and funkiness wears off, I’d want longer hair instantly. This haircut and colour however, has me frothing at the mouth-want want want.

Ok, so the girls have been doing lots of sleep-overs at their Oma and Opa’s place lately, because hubby has to leave town quite a bit for work, so this helps me get a lot of one-on-one time with my little buddha:

As a result, their hair always looks a tore up mess, and Maya who still keeps taking her hair down, has some raggedy ends, so this weekend, I co-washed their hair with ‘Yes to Carrots‘ conditioner. Love it, works well and smells so good. Hair washing on the other hand resulted in lots of protesting and tears, because they didn’t want to get their hair done- wth? I didn’t feel like doing their hair either, but I wasn’t crying about it, lol. I set about to giving Maya a trim which worked out fine with painting as a distraction:

but not for Ella, I couldn’t be bothered to chase her around, so I might do it next week. We had been invited over to dinner at the in-laws’ so we bundled up and I decided to finish up their hair over there.

They did allow me to braid their hair though, which was a nice surprise- after changing into princess costumes of course.

Still not good at corn rows, but I managed to do 3.

M's box braids pulled into a ponytail at her request.

I’m hoping the hair will last for the week because I’m not touching them until next Saturday, which is Ella’s 3rd birthday.

For my hair, I tackled it on Saturday while Noah thankfully took a long nap. I mixed some Tresseme Naturals with a bit of wheatgerm oil, applied it to my hair and donned my heating cap. After half an hour, I poured (Victoria’s secret so sexy) shampoo  - it has SLS in it, *gasp* but it smells divine, I know, I’m an embarassment, but I digress- I poured it into a colour applicator bottle, added water, and applied the mixture directly to my scalp.  I massaged my scalp and then rinsed my whole head. Afterwards, I did an apple cider vinegar rinse which I hadn’t done in a long time. Afterwards, the thought of twisting my hair made me want to reach for hair clippers, heheh:

zero motivation to go further than washing.

So what did I decide to do? threading (or banding as some might call it) I decided to try this to stretch my hair to see if it’ll help with the SSK. I mixed Kinky Curly Knot Today with aloe vera juice and some wheatgerm/olive oil mixture and used that as my moisturizer, then I sealed with whipped shea butter from Adornment

Disclaimer- The next pic is a bit scary,lol.

When I undid them, the hubbs, told me that my hair looked like cotton candy :) The hair was nicely stretched and felt ok in general, but my ends were a bit crispy which I didn’t like.


cotton candy hair

I really liked how stretched it was- kind of like I’d blow dried it. I was going to just leave it this way and just pin it back, but my ends felt so crunchy, so last night, i applied some knot today and made loose twists using the Adornment 365 whipped shea. This morning, I undid the twists, fluffed, and voila:

Shimi & Jimi rocking the 'fro :)

Mac Ruby Woo lipstick- the only red I'll ever do.

Loving the big hair, I wonder if it’ll last for the week. What did you do with your hair this past weekend? Anything special? And what do you do when you get tired of your hair?

Let’s share…

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4 Responses to Weekend Hair update. (English post)

  1. Fabiana says:

    I just discovered your blog through Alice in Nappyland. I have curly hair, albeit not like yours but more like your daughters, and i´m always looking for good products on the german market. Great blog!

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Laxmi, my stepdaughter has curly hair. I felt in love with curly hair now. Can you recommend me some shampoo and conditioner for my stepdaughter? She says that her shampoos are bed and that she need a new one. Nice blog, thank you for your replay

    • Laxmi says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog. I’d recommend Jessicurl Gentle Lather or Hair Cleansing Creams, those are good mild sulfate free shampoos and are great for curls. THen I’d recommend a condtioner by Aubrey Organics likek AUbrey Organics Honeysuckle ROse or Island Naturals, they’re all good and moisturize the hair really well.

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